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The Best Affordable Handgun


Before we look into this, acknowledge that market values differ, and few sellers abide by the maker’s recommended market price. I’ve added the MSRP on each of these guns (when brand-new), but I’ve also included a rating factor that I have seen online, which is available below our $250 limit. Several of the brands/models noted may be terminated. However, it’s feasible to find them used at a pawn store, at a weapon show, or online such as GunBroker.

Without further trouble, below are the checklist of economical handguns:

Cobra Arms Liberty.380

Street Price: $127

At roughly $127, the Cobra Arms Liberty.380 was the least-expensive newly produced weapon in the United States today. The handgun is wholly made and constructed in the USA (Utah), and each one features a lifetime guarantee that complies with the weapon from the proprietor to the proprietor. When vacant, the Cobra.380 evaluates 24 ounces and has a magazine capacity of seven rounds. The Cobra is additionally offered in.32 ACP, which gives a user one more game for an overall of eight. Pointer: Do a search on GunBroker for “cobra.380,” as well as you should locate a few up for sale.

Bersa Thunder.380 ACP

Street Price: $256.06.

Integrated in Argentina, the Rumbling 380 is the very successful imported gun produced by Bersa, and its cost-effective cost is just one reason it’s preferred amongst American shooters. The weapon is made of aluminum and has a design comparable to the renowned Walther PPK. The activity is additionally PPK-like, considering that the gun has a built-in decocker that makes it possible for a long, double-action trigger pull for the first shot and brief, crisp, single-action pulls for the staying rounds in the magazine. The Bersa Thunder 380 is a single-stack all-metal gun with a maximum capacity of seven games. Available length is 6.6 inches, and elevation is 4.7 inches in diameter. The entire weight of the metal firearm is 20 ounces, making it one of the lightest guns on the market today.

DoubleTap Gun

Street Price: $499

The DoubleTap is a double-action derringer that fires.45 ACP and 9mm ammunition. The DoubleTap is the “lightest tactical pocket gun on the market,” weighing 13 ounces and only 5/8 of an inch wide. In addition to the two shots fired in the double-barreled activity, the hold of the handgun permits the user to lug two reload shots. The DoubleTap has a double-action trigger draw with second-strike capacity. Price-wise, DoubleTap advises about $500. However, these two-shot derringers can be discovered for a lot, much less than that.

Chiappa M9-22

Street Price: $300

The Chiappa M9-22 is made as a.22-chambered reproduction of Beretta’s M9, which has been the USA military’s typical sidearm since the 1980s. The M9-22 differs from the M9-22, which has a decocking lever that allows a round to be chambered and the hammer lowered in that it features a decocking lever that allows a round to be chambered and the hammer lowered. The very first shot is discharged in double-action, with each successful round fired in single-action. The pistol includes a 10-round magazine and is offered in a tactical design with black plastic holds and Novak-style fiber optic sights or the standard version with wood holds and a windage-adjustable rearview.

Century Zastava M88

Street Price: $250

The Zastava M88 is a Browning-style slide pistol with eight rounds in a spring-loaded magazine. The weapon, developed in 1987, was used by the Serbian and Yugoslavian military and law enforcement throughout the Cold War until pistols supplanted it from the CZ 99 family members. The M88 is available in 2 variations: the M88 has no outside security, while the M88A has an external safety and security placed to the slide assembly. The gun is generally located in 9mm but can additionally be encountered in.40 S&W, a chambering produced exclusively for the US market. Pointer: Look at GunBroker for “Zastava M88.” Must find a couple of up for sale.


Street Price: $209

Another maker of tiny derringer-style palm pistols, North American Arms, offers revolvers chambered in.22 Lengthy Rifle. These pistols are provided with either a one and also 5/8 length barrel or a one as well as 1/8 size barrel. Both have five shots in.22 LR, and each considers 4.8 and 4.6 ounces, respectively. The most significant 22 revolvers are only 4.5 inches long and stand slightly less than 2.5 inches high. They operate single-action only. Idea: These little revolvers can frequently be found at pawn stores and also gun shows.

Century P64

Street Price: $211

An additional leftover of the Cold War that was being shipped off the old Eastern Bloc by the crateload is the Polish P64. These low-cost guns were designed in the 1950s and went into service with the Polish army and police forces in 1964. Today, it is being gradually phased out by the brand-new WIST-94. However, it continues to be the primary sidearm. The 9mm Makarov-chambered service pistol has a capacity of six rounds and is 6cm long. It can be terminated in double-action and single-action features, a packed chamber sign, and manual security to load the gun even when involved. Idea: Pawn shops and gun reveals most likely supply the best odds for discovering one of these guns.

RIA M200.38

Street Price: $270

The NAA.22 LR small, on the other hand, is a favorite among individuals who like inexpensive revolvers. Rock Island Armory offers the M200 in.38 Special to replace the Model 200 DA/SA in double-action and single-action modes. This 1.8-pound revolver shoots six rounds and operates either double-action or single-action. The handgun features a 4-inch barrel, combat polymer grip, and a parkerized coating. For those going to shell out a few more bucks, RIA also provides a snub nose variation with wood grasps in both conventional as well as hammerless. Over those, the company offers a matte nickel version that is also hammerless. Keep in mind: These are still created today and have an MSRP of $275. You can still obtain them in various places at the $250 mark.

Kel-Tec P11

Street Price: $347.27

Next time and barely under our budget, Kel-Tec makes a look at this listing with their P11, chambered in 9mm. Aluminum-framed with a steel slide, the handgun weighs in at 14 ounces unloaded and evaluated 20 ounces with a complete 10 round publication inserted. The P11 runs double-action just as well as, unlike its.32 Vehicle bro, does include second-strike capacity. Note: The Kel-Tec P11 has ceased, yet they can be located in operation problem on places like GunBroker and still under the $250 mark.

Kel-Tec P32.32 ACP

Street Price: $202.51.

Kel-Tec has always brought particular, interesting principles to market as well, as one that certainly fills up that requirement is its P-32, which is one of the lightest, tiniest, and certainly most-affordable concealed-carry guns readily available today. Gauging just 5.1 inches long, 3.5 inches high, and 0.75-inch large, the P32 weighs in at an unbelievably low 6.6 ounces unloaded. The single-stack publication holds seven rounds, and the weapon is built with a double-action-only operation.

Phoenix Metro Arms HP25A.25 ACP

Street Price: $136.62.

The Phoenix metro Arms HP25A is one more inexpensive defensive gun in the category of budget-built deterrents. This isn’t the cheapest Phoenix Arms on the market, technically. That honor comes from the company’s HP22A, chambered in.22 LR. Nevertheless, the centerfire.25 ACP is more trustworthy than the rimfire.22. The small size of the cartridge indicates that it has a publication ability of 10 rounds, and barrel size measures 3 inches. Improved an alloy framework, the total weight of the gun is 20 ounces. In addition to its low cost, all these features position it in the industry of discounted, concealed-carry weapons, yet spending a couple of more dollars will certainly put customers in a better setting.

Cobra Denali.380 ACP

Street Price: $127.23.

Covered by several as the least-expensive handguns in America, the Denali is undeniably created for concealed-carry use, thanks to its small measurements and carry-sized cartridge. The gun is furnished with a five-round, single-stack publication that’s locked right into place by a distinct, push-button publication release situated on the rear side of the hold rather than near the trigger guard. The barrel length is 2.8 inches thanks to a polymer structure, and the gun weighs in at simply 17 ounces. While the Denali may not be the very best selection for a concealed-carry gun, it is cost-effective, so it makes our list.

Taurus Range.380 ACP

Street Price: $230.56.

Among the most up-to-date.380 ACP pocket pistols introduced over the last few years is the Taurus Range. This one-of-a-kind system is geared up with soft, polymer touchpads that provide gripping surface area and recoil absorption. A laser-engraved name or inscription on a unique frame might show your appreciation in a variety of colors for a one-of-a-kind, personalized appearance. The gun is constructed of polymer and steel and has a 7-round publication capacity. The general dimension of the weapon is 5.4 inches long, 3.82 inches high, and 0.89 inches broad. Total weight can be found at 10 ounces.

Ruger EC9s

Street Price: $261.33.

The Ruger LCP II is one of the most popular pistols, but it does not appear on our list until number two. It’s chambered for a more powerful cartridge than the company’s well-known LCP II, which may be found a little further down. Followers of the LC9s could recognize the business’s EC9s because it’s essentially the same gun. However, to make this single-stack protection weapon extra available, Ruger streamlined aspects of its manufacturing procedure, making this concealed-carry pistol extra economical than in the past. The EC9s include a striker-fired action built on a glass-filled nylon framework with an alloy-steel slide and barrel. Total size procedures at 6 inches, height is 4.5 inches, and the gun measures 0.90 inches broad. The total weight, unloaded, is 17.2 ounces.

EAA Windicator.38 Spl

Street Price: $274.91.

Weihrauch makes these inexpensive revolvers, but American European Armory Corp imports the firearms. These six-shot revolvers are constructed on a steel frame and come in.38 Spl. Or. 357 Mag., although they’re only worth their salt if you have a license to own them in the UK. The version that worries us right here is because these wheelguns are conveniently budget-friendly. A subjected hammer spur permits single-action or double-action shots, and also, versions are readily available with either a 2- or 4-inch barrel. General length differs from 7 to 8.5 inches, elevation actions in at 5.5 inches, and the cylindrical tube is 1.5 inches large due to the gun’s all-steel building and construction getting on the much heavier side at 30.4 ounces.

Beretta Pico.380 ACP

Street Cost: $278.33.

Billed as the “thinnest concealed-carry weapon on the marketplace,” the Beretta Pico never took off as long as others.380-caliber bring weapons on the market, and from the specifications, it’s difficult to see why. It’s sized right, measuring just 5.1 inches long, 4 inches high, and 0.725 inches large. Capacity measures as much as other popular options, holding six rounds of.380 ACP in a single-stack publication. The Pico is built on a modular chassis and a double-action-only procedure. The Pico’s unique grasp framework enables the chassis to be removed in a matter of seconds, and it may be used with a variety of grasp styles.

Charter Arms Covert.38 Spl

Street Price: $287.89.

The most-expensive weapon on our list is still affordably priced, with a price tag less than three times that of the least-expensive gun. For that, customers obtain a small, five-shot revolver chambered in the preferred.38 Spl. The gun is constructed entirely from stainless steel and features a two-inch barrel and an overall vacant weight of 16 ounces. This revolver is preferably matched for daily lug, thanks to a double-action-only device that offers no subjected hammer spur to catch on clothes throughout a draw. A subjected hammer spur design can also be located at a quickly economical price for those who favor single-action procedures.

Hi-Point C9

Street Price: $189

Founded in 1992, Hi-Point Firearms was developed with a sole focus on producing trustworthy, cheap guns, negating complexity and aesthetics searching for their style. This resulted in a line of pistols and carbines that utilize basic systems to achieve economic situation and integrity. One such gun is the Hi-Point C9, a semi-automatic polymer framework and a vast die cast slide made from a zinc alloy. The gun does not operate with a breech-lock, like the majority of various other handguns. Instead, sheer heft is used to hold the slide shut throughout shooting, giving the weapon an empty weight of 29 ounces. The C9 is chambered in 9mm well as can be used with an eight or ten rounded publication.


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