Leupold LTO Thermal Imaging Tracker Viewer 172830 

Leupold has knocked it out of the park with their first Thermal Optic!  This thermal imaging monocular is great for anyone who loves the outdoors but sometimes wants to know – What WAS that noise? or … Where is the dog NOW? or…..  improve Search and Rescue Operations.… day or night!

While this Thermal Tracker is great for a Hunter’s observation and game recovery, the size and weight make it great for taking anywhere outdoors. You can use it to detect any living objects and be safe as you run, hike, walk or explore… Fits so nicely in a pocket.

Or maybe you want to check out that unwelcome noise you heard in your backyard??

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Hunters in-the-know will add the New LTO Thermal Imaging Monocular Tracker to their gear and change the way they hunt forever. The all new Leupold LTO-Tracker allows hunters to better understand their surroundings and easily recover their game. Bringing home more success. The compact thermal imager is only 5.6 inches long and weighs less than 10 ounces, allowing it to be carried comfortably in any pocket.

Leupold is always the innovator and this is not an exception. You will appreciate the amazing features (click on the tabs above for all the details):

Click here for the LTO User Guide (pdf)

  • User controlled reticle for quick acquisition of the target
  • 6 different color modes to choose from
  • Detection Distance  600 yards
  • 21° horizontal field of view
  • Thermal Sensor: 206 x 156
  • Operating Temperature: -4°F to 140°F
  • Temperature Detection Range: -40°F to 572°F
  • Fixed Focus with 6X Digital Zoom
  • Leupold Gold Ring warranty – 5 year
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.
  • Model # 172830
  • SKU #: 296165
  • NOTE: Not intended for mounting on a firearm
Frame Rate…………………………………30 Hz Fast Frame
Focus…………………………………………Fixed Focus
Zoom…………………………………………6X Digital Zoom
Display…………………………………….. Direct View 1.22” Round
Display Resolution………………….240 x 204
Color Palettes………………………….6 Optional Color Palettes
Startup Time ……………………………< 3 seconds
Battery (not incl)………………………CR123 with 10 Hours Continuous Use

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions (with help from Leupold). We will update this post as relevant new questions need answering. We hope you find this post useful. – Please share it.

1) What features make the LTO thermal tracker stand out from other thermal units like the FLIR Scout TK and the Seek Reveal XR Fastframe? All have similar price points with the LTO Tracker costing the most.
Answer: The LTO-Tracker stands out for several reasons. The frame rate of the LTO-Tracker is 30Hz vs the 9Hz frame rate of the FLIR and Seek models. The LTO allows the image to move in real time without a delay while the image on other models will appear “choppy”. The detection distance is up to five times further than the other models and the LTO’s 32K thermal sensor will provide a much clearer image over the FLIR. With a 10 year battery life and up to 4 more years of warranty coverage over the other models, you gain a tremendous amount of performance for a slightly higher price.

2) How water resistant are these? Wondering if these would work well in the rain/snow for finding lost people off trails and ski slopes?
Answer: The LTO-Tracker is completely weatherproof. It will easily handle rain and snow but it is not designed to be submerged.

3). Can you mount it or co-witness through your rifle scope?

Answer: The Leupold LTO is a handheld device, designed for tracking wounded and downed game. The LTO is not intended to be rifle mounted or used in conjunction with any other optic. It is a hand held thermal viewer designed to provide a thermal image up to 600 yards in dense terrain, day or night.

4). How well can this see the “heat” from downed game or a lost person or…that is obstructed by trees, cattails, and other brush?

Answer:  The ambient temperature will play a big role in the LTO’s ability to identify an animal or lost person’s heat signature. The obstruction s cannot be so dense as to block the object from view.

5). The product description mentions that the LTO has a reticle that can be selected by the user. Can you please tell me which of the Leupold reticles it is?

Answer: The reticle in the Leupold LTO is a Duplex style reticle. The reticle can be be used as a reference point or switched off to provide a unobstructed field of view.

6). Am I correct that that the LTO is not designed to “Identify” an object but just to show that something is hotter than the surrounding area. Is that a correct description or would you be able to make out a deer shaped object at 100 yds.

Answer: Being able to clearly see a deer at 100yds and positively identify it, is quite subjective. The lower the ambient temperature, the better the contrast.
The LTO is intended to be a recovery device, not a spotting scope. A warm, downed deer on cool ground can be seen from 100yds if not obstructed by large logs, rocks etc.

7). Can the LTO tracker be used as binoculars?

Answer: the Leupold LTO is a Thermal Monocular and is intended to pick up a heat signature out to 600 yards. The LTO is not intended to be used as a binocular or spotting scope, in the traditional sense.

8). Can one look through this if it were mounted to a helmet and still see a holographic reticle; such as an EOTech? If so, would it need to be night vision compatible sight?

Answer: Unfortunately no, the LTO would not be easily readable that close to your eye. The LTO has a digital screen instead of producing a focused exit pupil like a rifle scope would. This means it can be viewed at almost any distance from the eye, and by multiple people at once, but if you bring it right up to your eye it will be as hard to read as your cellphone screen would be, for example.
The LTO would not be usable through another optic. The thermal energy it detects bounces right off of glass that your eye can see through. It will not read through riflescopes, windows, etc.

On the black background can you see only the thermal images, or can you still make out the trees and background.
On all of the color setting, the same level of detail will be visible. The only difference is how the difference in temperature is related. The options are:
RED: Dark Red (cold) to Light Red (hot).
GREEN: Dark Green (cold) to Light Green (hot).
WHITE: Black (cold) to White (hot).
BLACK: White (cold) to Black (hot)
HI-WHITE: Same as WHITE, with hottest objects highlighted Red-Orange

HI-BLACK: Same as BLACK, with hottest objects highlighted Red-Orange.

Your selection of color really is personal preference. Some people will find one more appealing or easier to read than others. How much of a backdrop you can see will depend on it’s relative temperature to the surroundings.

9).  Are there any day light limitations for the thermal imaging?

Answer: Daylight will not interfere with the LTO’s function directly. That being said the LTO detects differences in temperature radiated from objects, so when it is cold out heat sources will be easier to detect than when it is warm.
For example: if you are looking for a blood trail in the morning the blood will be considerably warmer than the ground so it will be clearly visible in the LTO. The same blood trail on the ground that has been receiving direct sunlight for many hours will be harder to detect as the blood will be a more similar temperature to the ground.

10). Does the LTO have any range finding ability ?

Answer: No, the LTO has no range-finding function. It is designed primarily for game recovery and other thermal observation applications like search and recovery.

11). Can this unit be used with a CR123A rechargeable battery?

Answer: Yes, the LTO-Thermal Viewer can be used with a CR123A rechargeable battery.

12). Is it possible to zero the reticle – Or is it just for indication?

Answer: It is not possible to zero the reticle on the LTO-Thermal Viewer. The reticle is a simple indicator.

13).  What are the warranty restrictions?

Answer: The  LTO-Tracker carries a 5 year warranty on the electronics and a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

14). What are some alternate uses for the LTO Thermal Viewer Monocular?

Answer:  Anytime you need to detect heat sources – Hunters, Search & Rescuers, Hikers, Campers ….This thermal imaging device will assist anyone trying to locate a living object in difficult circumstances. The compact, light weight, Hand-Held thermal observation enhances situational awareness in many outdoor situations.