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Best Late Season Hunting Clothes

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Hunting during the late season comes with unique challenges, and they can vary quite heavily depending on how experienced you are or aren’t.

Traditionally speaking, it’s good to know what “late season” is and how it is defined for those looking to start. Late season essentially boils down to being in the colder months, which will require a few extra layers to keep you warm whilst on the hunt.

Given that information, what are the best late season hunting clothes and why? As a matter of speaking, there are many different late season hunting clothes, but we have researched thousands of clothing items and have narrowed it down to the following:

  • ScentLok Revenant Pro
  • Scentlok BE:1 Fortress
  • Scentlok Hydrotherm
  • Scentblocker Cold-Fusion Underguards
  • Scentblocker Shield Series S3 Insulated Winter Gloves

This article will review how these are the best late season hunting clothes and why you should invest in each one. Not only that, but there will also be some frequently asked questions at the bottom. For example, one might wonder what you should not wear during late season hunting and how to layer your clothing correctly. We encourage you to keep reading if you need more information.

What Are the Best Late Season Hunting Clothes?

The best late season hunting clothes will keep you warm, ensure that heavy winds aren’t freezing you to the bone, keep your head in the game, and, most importantly, do so without causing you to break the bank for the endeavor.

Below, we will review some of the best options available that fit this criteria and give a brief overview of why these are some of the best options available. While it isn’t entirely necessary, we’ve opted to section most of this gear into pieces that match well to ensure compatibility and maximize their unique designs.

1. ScentLok Revenant Pro 

ScentLok Revenant Pro Hunting Jacket

First, we have the ScentLok Revenant Pro. As far as keeping you warm, this jacket will do all that and then some. The coat itself is polyester and can be easily cleaned in a washer. Still, its primary claim to fame is its ability to keep the cold weather back and mitigate most of the natural scents your body will emit while hunting.

The jacket is also insulated, so you can remain warm constantly. However, you will not feel like you are wearing a 30-pound blanket, which is incredibly useful, considering most jackets offering the same protection will hinder your mobility or comfort in one way or another.

ScentLok Revenant Pro Hunting Pants

The matching pants to go with the ScentLok jacket: Most of the notable features you could glean from the jacket remain valid for the pants, aside from some slight changes like the pants being made of a Fleece Blend instead of polyester. However, the wind resistance, scent locking, and insulation all remain true for these pants.

While not entirely noted above with the jacket, both the pants and top combo are designed for bow hunters. They have specific modifications that give you increased flexibility and sound muffling additions that will allow you to remain silent. These pants have seven different pockets for keeping everything you need secured and safe.

2. Scentlok BE:1 Fortress

Scentlok BE:1 Fortress Parka

The Scentlok Fortress Parka is a must-have if you want to keep wind and rain out of your face and remain incredibly warm and comfortable throughout the duration of your hunt. This specific parka comes in three unique colors to fit most environments you could be hunting in, and it features a lot of extra insulation in critical portions of your body to guarantee the cold will not seep in over time.

The parka has a removable hood, and ten pockets layered alongside the interior that will allow you to keep your valuables safe or handy when you need them most. Like all Scentlok gear, the parka itself helps make you virtually undetectable as far as smells go.

ScentLok BE:1 Fortress Bib

The Fortress parka takes care of your upper body. The Fortress Bib doubles down and takes care of your lower body. It offers everything notable from the above piece regarding insulation, scent mitigation, and protection from wind, but it also provides 100% water resistance. This Hunting Bib is in a league all of its own.

The bib itself is designed using only the most premium and steadfast design choices, entirely catered to giving you the highest possible chance of success at bow hunting as far as gear is capable of providing, leaving everything else up to the hunter’s skill and expertise.

ScentLok BE:1 Fortress Gloves

These gloves are designed to keep the entire Scentlok line working together seamlessly. While you could say any pair of gloves could technically get the job done, to some extent, that might be true, but you’d be lacking warmth, durability, scent protection, leather padding for increased grip strength, and finally, locking devices that keep the gloves from slipping off when you are on the move.

The Fortress gloves also offer the wind-breaking and water resistance you have come to expect from everything in their line. Still, they do so with the other added perk featured from Scentlok: keeping the gear itself relatively low-weight, so you won’t feel like you have frying pans in each hand despite all the utility they offer.

3. Scentlok Hydrotherm

Scentlok Hydrotherm Men’s Hunting Jacket

Scentlok once again brings its best to the table with the Scentlok Hydrotherm, which, of course, means that this jacket’s primary functionality is built around keeping water out and warmth in. It also manages to keep any foreign scents you create out of the air, allowing your prey to never know what hit them.

The jacket itself is made of a polyester blend that is meant to be hand-washed only, meaning you will need to invest a little TLC into the jacket itself, but for as much love as it will show you in the field, it’ll be well worth the time investment, as it will keep you from getting so much as a drop of moisture on you while out and about, and give you all the warmth of a comforter, without any of the weight.

Along the length of the jacket, you have several extra features like an adjustable hood, waist adjusters so the jacket itself will comfortably fit almost all body types, and unique sleeves that will take things to the next level by locking in warmth without sacrificing flexibility.

ScentLok Hydrotherm V2 Camo Hunting Bib

As the matching bottoms to the hydrotherm jacket, you know this bib is going to be entirely oriented around keeping moisture out and warmth (as well as scents) in. The pants are incredibly durable, machine washable, and capable of enduring some of the harshest hunting temperatures you can put yourself in, all the while allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

4. Scentblocker Cold-Fusion Underguards 

Scentblocker Cold-Fusion Under Guard Base Top

Capitalizing on the same scent-locking technology the entire line is known for, the cold-fusion catalyst will be your hunting rig’s base layer and one of the most comfortable pieces of gear you’ve ever worn.

The underguard itself is made of a polyester/spandex blend that will keep you warm but endure anything you throw at it. While it is intended to be used under the gear listed above, you can take it fishing, hunting, camping, or even hiking if you so choose, and you won’t regret it in the slightest.

Scentblocker Cold-Fusion Underguard Base Bottom

These underguards are all about the bottom half of the Cold-Fusion set, ensuring your lower body remains warm and comfortable despite being in cold weather. The sleek design, coupled with extreme warmth and durability, will make these an easy choice as far as lower underguards go.

5. Scentblocker Shield Series S3 Insulated Winter Gloves

The last piece in the Scentblocker series is the gloves, which are a fitting choice, to say the least. You will want your hands to be in mint condition to be as accurate as possible in cold conditions. Reaching for that goal, these 60-gram insulation-tier gloves will make you feel like your hands are taking a vacation on a Florida beach.

Unlike Florida, however, you’ll be free of any additional scents being released, keeping your visibility and chance of detection at an all-time low. The gloves also have reinforced leather palms, giving you incredible grip strength, and a rain-blocking liner, giving you the best of everything you could ever ask for in a pair of winter gloves.

How Do You Layer for Late Season Hunting?

In order to remain as warm as possible, you’ll want to have a solid underguard layer for your upper and lower body, a base layer top above that, a slightly bulkier mid-layer top over that, and finally, your actual jacket top for your upper body.

Lower extremities would feature the underguard layer, a thicker pair of base layer pants (depending on how cold it is or how late in the season you intend on going), and finally, your pants over them.

Other parts of your body that will need to be covered are your head, preferably covered by a beanie, your neck, which would be covered by any insulated neck gaiter, and finally, a pair of gloves.

What Should You Not Wear While Hunting?

Anything blue can allow scents to easily permeate your clothing or gear, which can increase your visibility (outside of mandatory hunting gear of neon colors, etc.).

Questionable gear pieces that leave portions of your body exposed are damaged or haven’t been thoroughly worn to ensure they meet your needs while you are out in the wild. When you are purchasing gear, it’s essential to take it for a test drive before committing to a hunt in your full hunting regalia, as nothing is worth more than taking the time to plan a trip for it to not be possible due to frost-eating away at your sanity.

Final Thoughts

To give yourself the highest chances of success whilst on the hunt, you’ll want to have gear that either matches, or exceeds your personal skill level, and while these investments may be quite steep initially, you are investing in not only yourself, but your hobby, and to that end, you’d be wise to put your best foot forward, and preferably as warm as possible.


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