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Best Duck Call: What You Must Know

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As a hunter, you can catch many animals. For example, if it is deer season, you can acquire a couple of deer to take home with you, providing you and your family with lots of meat for months to come! 

Many people also love hunting ducks, specifically mallards, gadwalls, and pintails. However, it might be challenging to do without a duck call. So, what are the best ones?

The best duck calls will last a long time and not break easily. We have researched and found six different duck calls for you to invest in today! For a quick list, they are as follows:

  • Echo Diamondwood duck call
  • Duck Commander Jase Robertson pro series duck call
  • Slayer Calls The Ranger duck call
  • Duck Commander classic series duck call
  • BGC Double Nasty duck call
  • Primos Hunting 838 duck call

This article discusses the purpose of a duck call and will review those mentioned above. We highly recommend reading the entire article to help you better grasp things. For example, if you are unsure what the best material to use is, we have answered it below. 

What Is the Purpose of a Duck Call?

A duck call aims to lure flying ducks toward you. If you are near the water and want an easier target, blow on the duck call to steer ducks into the water. These little tools are whistles that mimic the sound of a duck. 

The first modern-style duck call was made in 1863 by Fred Allen, Monmouth, IL, also known as the “father of the modern duck call.” However, for centuries, people have used mouthcalling to lure ducks to them, which may have originated from Native Americans. 

Furthermore, traditional duck calls are made from a 4 or 6-inch long by 1.5-inch diameter block of wood (typically walnut, rosewood, or cedar) containing a barrel, cork, and soundboard. The cork holds a reed on the soundboard, known as the insert. For fancier duck calls, consider getting rims that contain silver, brass, rosewood, or celluloid.

What Are the Best Duck Calls?

Although there are many excellent duck calls, we have narrowed it down to six different calls. Before moving on, there is a little information about what to look for in a duck call. 

  • Price: Although each duck call is priced differently, it does make a difference. Ask yourself what your budget is and stick to it. 
  • Sound: If it does not sound like a realistic duck, ducks will not care and may even be away from the sound! Ensure it sounds natural so you are using your time, energy, and investment effectively. 
  • Durability: Some duck calls will easily break, while others will last a long time. When researching a duck call, make sure plenty of reviews say it is durable. This is especially true if you are hunting and will be near trees, twigs, sand, mud, rain, snow, heat, cold, etc. 
  • Customer service: How does the company treat you when you call for replacement parts or have a question about the specific brand you bought? You may not buy from them again if they are disrespectful and rude. Plus, word gets out very quickly.

1. Echo Diamondwood Duck Call

The Echo Diamondwood duck call produces the perfect blend of a raspy yet mellow tone while also being able to get loud. However, its specific design is made for close-in calling. 

Many people have advertised how easy it works, even for beginners. However, even serious hunters say it is also an excellent duck call. Lastly, you will be pleased to know that the Echo Diamondwood sounds realistic.

2. Duck Commander Jase Robertson Pro Series Duck Call

As a customer puts it, the Duck Commander Pro series is one of the best duck calls on the market. It is versatile and recommended by many serious hunters. This particular duck call is easy to blow with a J frame double-reed. 

Not only that, but it is loud enough for open water but great for fishing. Lastly, the duck call is made with an acrylic cast rod and cut to precision. It is easy for those who are just beginning and can be loud or soft.

3. Drake Slayer Duck Calls Slayer Calls

Look no further than the Drake Slayer duck call from Slayer Calls for those wanting a louder duck call. This particular call contains an acrylic barrel and insert. 

You can adjust the loudness of your call when needed, making it an excellent choice for hunting near open water, in the field, or surrounding trees. Its double-reed construction also makes it perfect for beginners and advanced duck callers. 

4. Duck Commander Classic Series Duck Call

This Duck Commander classic series is for hunters who like various calls with specific applications! It uses a close-in finishing call and has a mid- to low-range tone. 

It is made of rigid, high-impact plastic, so it is durable and will last a long time. Customers like the duck call’s appearance, sound quality, and ease of use. Lastly, the price is perfect for the value it contains! 

5. BGC Double Nasty Duck Call

For those considering purchasing any duck call, the BGC Double Nasty is the one you want! It is effortless for beginners and hunters who have been doing this for a long time. After a bit of practice, you can get the sound you want. 

In addition, the BGC Double Nasty is made of polycarbonate with a gunmetal aluminum band. The company has hand-tuned and tested each one, so you can rest assured that you are investing in the right place. Lastly, the call will blow a raspy tone regardless of whether it is wet or not. 

6. Primos Hunting 838 Duck Call

The last duck call we will discuss is the Primos Hunting 838. This particular call has an interesting shape, but it works like a charm, as many customers are happy with their purchases! They like the overall performance, quality, ease of use, and value. This duck call is straightforward to blow, but there are mixed opinions on the sound. 

This product is also good for mallards, widgeons, pintails, and teals. A built-in roller bar makes the fluttering whistle automatically, helping you put less effort into the process. 

What Is the Best Material for Duck Calls?

The best material for duck calls depends on your preference. If you consider weather, acrylic or polycarbonate is the best option, as many of these duck calls provide the sound you want. This would give you a sharp and loud call. 

However, if you want a more traditional-looking call that is soft and husky, we recommend going with wood. However, keep in mind that you will need to dry it after each hunt, as it could stop working if not taken care of properly. 

Are Expensive Duck Calls Worth It?

Yes, expensive duck calls are very worth it. To someone who does not hunt often or cannot tell the difference between a $40 call and a $150 call, you might not notice much. 

However, for those who take hunting seriously, the more expensive calls are worth the investment as the designs are different. The costly designs are often made of wood or acrylic, whereas the cheaper brands are made from polycarbonate, which is less durable than its counterparts. Also, wood and acrylic last longer. 

Lastly, if you plan on taking hunting seriously, we recommend using a more expensive brand, as it will help step up your game.

What Is the Easiest Duck Call to Master?

The most uncomplicated duck call to master is an acrylic double or triple-reed. Doing so will help you master the duck call more efficiently and produce a natural sound. You will also not have to worry about trying so hard with a double or triple-reed. 

However, the more you learn how to use a duck call, the easier it will be to start trying to use a single-reed. It could be fun trying to learn something more complicated in the future! 

Why Are Acrylic Duck Calls So Expensive?

Acrylic duck calls are more expensive because of the labor involved. When someone makes an acrylic duck call, they put time and effort into buffing and removing all scratches to make the call transparent. This process is incredibly time-consuming, which is why it is pricey. 

Final Thoughts

To summarize everything in a nutshell, there are many wonderful duck calls to invest in! However, make sure to ask yourself what environment you will be hunting in and how can you make the best of what you have? If you have any more hunting questions in the future, check out our other articles for more information. Here at Scope it Outdoors, we are here for you! 


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