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5 Best Gun Cleaning Kits in 2023


If you are a gun owner, then you know very well that you will have to eventually clean your gun regardless of how many times you use it. However, searching for a gun cleaning kit that suits your needs and budget may be challenging. In this case, we have provided many different options for you to choose from. So, what are they? 

The best gun cleaning kits out there are as follows:

  • GuardTech Plus
  • Real Avid handgun cleaning kit
  • Winchester 32-piece universal gun cleaning kit
  • M-Pro 7 tactical cleaning kit clam
  • GLORYFIRE universal gun cleaning kit

This article goes in-depth on each kit, ensuring we discuss everything you need to know for the day. Afterward, we will discuss the benefits of using a gun cleaning kit, which is important, especially if you are unsure about investing in a product. Continue reading for all there is to know! 

What Is the Best Gun Cleaning Kit?

Find the exact one you need, whether you have a handgun, rifle, or something else. All of these we will discuss are top tier and affordable to meet whatever needs you want finished. 

1. GuardTech Plus

If you want something like a family-owned business based in the USA, look no further than GuardTech Plus. Not only that, but they proudly support our 2nd amendment and freedoms. 

This specific kit is made with unbreakable brass material instead of nylon plastic, which may break easily. The company also ensures their brushes clean extremely well and perform flawlessly. 

The kit was made for 12-guage or 20-guage shotguns and pellet guns. It comes with 2 sizes of brass extension rods for customized lengths of 17 to 270 caliber rifles and 30 caliber

Lastly, this cleaning kit has a 357/38/9 mm rope snake cleaner and cotton swabs for quick cleaning. It does not need special equipment to keep our gun clean, as GuartTech made it simple. 

2. Real Avid Handgun Cleaning Kit

Next, we have Real Avid handgun cleaning kit for your pistol, another company based in the USA. It can work with the following handguns:

  • .22 pistol
  • 9mm handgun
  • 357 magnum
  • .38 special
  • 40 caliber
  • 41 caliber
  • 44 magnum
  • 45 caliber

This kit includes multiple things inside: a bore brush set, a bore patch jag set, 2 small and large slotted bore patch tips, 2 section gun cleaning rods with a t-handle, and gun cleaning patches. 

The brushes contain an ergonomic design with professional-grade phosphor bronze brushes and are specifically designed to help you spend less time cleaning so you can spend more time shooting. 

3. Winchester 32 Piece Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The Winchester gun cleaning kit is universal as it fits multiple guns. This kit contains the following items:

  • Soft-sides case (with removable bandoliers and accessory pouches)
  • 2 accessory adapters
  • 25 patches
  • 2 accessory adaptors
  • 1 polishing cloth
  • 1 double-ended cleaning pick
  • 1 double-ended utility brush
  • 3 solid brass rods
  • 3 slot tips
  • 5 spear-pointed jags (.22/.30/.357/.40/.45 cal)
  • 5 mops (.22 /.357/.38/9mm and 12/20/.410 gauge)
  • 9 phosphor bronze brushes (.22/.270/.280/.30/.357/.38 and 9mm/.40/.45 cal. and 12 /20/.410 gauge)

Aside from what this item contains inside the kit, many say it is exactly as advertised and covers almost any caliber. If you like a trusted product, this one is for you. 

4. M-Pro 7 Tactical Cleaning Kit Clam

This all-in-one firearms cleaning kit comes with yet another massive set of multiple brushes, calibers, gun oil and more. 

The M-Pro 7 gun cleaner removes lead, carbon, and most copper components. Not only that, but this kit also comes with a copper cleaner (which is 4x better than ammonia-based cleaners) and gun oil LP (providing long-lasting protection), ensuring you get what is needed. 

Here is a quick list of everything M-Pro 7 offers:

  • 4oz gun cleaner
  • 2oz copper remover
  • 2oz gun oil LPX
  • 50 cleaning patches
  • 1 lint-free gun cloth
  • 1 nylon utility brush
  • 5 assorted bore brushes
  • Small: .22/.223 cal
  • Medium: .30/.30-06/300 mag
  • Medium: 9mm/.357/.38/.40 cal
  • Large: .45/.410 shotgun
  • 12 GA shotgun
  • 1 M-16 chamber brush
  • 1 shotgun brush adapter
  • 1 .22 caliber loop
  • 1 foam gun pad
  • 1 lockable gun case
  • 1 M-Pro 7 maintenance guide 

5. GLORYFIRE Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The last gun cleaning kit we will go over is the GLORYFIRE, which is universal. This kit has a belt attachment, so you can easily slip it through your belt. Not only this, but the case is lightweight, making it portable. 

The material is brass, which is of higher quality than a basic set. This cleaning kit comes with 5-rod pieces (including a loop), an adaptor, a chamber brush, a brass brush, a dual-ended nylon brush, and an empty bottle.

What Are the Benefits of Maintaining Your Gun?

There are many benefits that you have when cleaning your gun. This includes improving the gun’s durability, safety, and increasing accuracy and efficiency. However, this has more benefits, so keep reading for more advantages. 

1. Improve Gun Durability

Cleaning your gun can significantly improve its durability, allowing it to withstand pressure and damage much easier. On top of that, having multiple residues and dirt could mean the gun could corrode or rust over time. Not only that, but an unclean gun can lead to internal barrel potting, feed, eject, or fire. 

2. Improves Safety

Safety should be your number one concern regarding guns. Keeping your gun clean protects your family, community, and yourself. 

Regularly storing, cleaning, and inspecting your gun also prevents malfunctions from popping up, which could lead to unintentional death or harm. 

3. Reduces Fouling and Copper Deposits

If you want your gun to last for many years, it is essential to regularly clean and lubricate it with a good gun oil that helps protect it from corrosion and reduces fouling and copper deposits. 

4. Cost Savings on Replacement Parts and Repairs

If you want to significantly reduce the time and money it will take to repair your gun, ensure you are cleaning it regularly. Not only will you not have to replace as many parts, but you will save a trip to your local gunsmith. 

5. Increases Accuracy and Efficiency

Dirt usually collects moisture, so your internal barrel does not work properly. It can have a failure to feed, fire, or eject. However, maintaining a cleaning for your gun means you will be increasing accuracy and efficiency. Not only this, but it will run smoother as well. 

6. Increased Comfort and Handling

As you use lubricating oil, it will change the way your gun feels. Not only does it provide you with a smooth surface, but it provides an overall better experience. 

What Does the Army Use to Clean Their Guns?

The US Army uses a conventional wet lubricant called CLP (cleaner, lubricant, and preservation). They continuously reapply it due to the sand, dust, and other smut that might get into their weapons during combat. 

Is WD-40 Safe for Cleaning Guns?

Although WD-40 has mild usage as a cleaner, it is not recommended to clean your gun with it. This is because of how the solvent works. When applied to a gun, it briefly dissolves gunk, but the aerosol applicator blows all the grime inside the gun’s crevices. 

On the other hand, WD-40 could be helpful if your gun is wet. This is because WD stands for “water displacement,” meaning it dries up moisture. Check out this article for more information on safely using WD-40.


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